“Rachdingue”, the surrealist club... Why we decided to create a limited collection ?

“Rachdingue”, the surrealist club created by renowned painter and sculptor Miette and her husband Pierre, has long been at the forefront of various art forms in Catalunya. It is named after a Henri-François Rey book. Since opening in 1968 it has gained a worldwide legendary status with the avant-garde scene. Salvador Dalí, a friend of the owners and possibly the club’s most famous supporter, was one of the many architects of the extreme creativity witnessed and enjoyed by many generations in this very special conceptual location. 

Overlooking the bay of Roses, a few kilometres from the famous Catalonian city of Cadaquès, “Rachdingue” boasts unique scenery which has organically evolved over many years. This is also mirrored by the music policy which has pioneered various genres and has made it a favourite venue for many of the worlds leading DJ’s and live-acts. In particular the sculptures and paintings by Miette seem to make a lasting impression on the global clientele of clubbers who are in turn famed for their enthusiasm on the dance floor in the main room or on the steps of the open air terrace.

The club without compromise reveals new talents whilst also paying respects to those already established. Eclectic is one of the keywords in a moment of escape in the universe of “Rachdingue”…

And why we decided to create a collection ?

We decided in "hommage" to all who love the place, and lived magical moments and keep wonderful memories to these past 50 years. Leave a memory which will be share as mythical moment is the tribute of lived during those nights, expositions, parties...festivals.

The choice of limited production and such as clothes, shoes, music, posters.... will keep this rarity intact. We hope you will enjoy it ! and you will love of it.